Lifepack Solar-Powered Anti-Theft Backpack

By Solgaard

Lifepack makes it easy to live your on-the-go lifestyle.

Including the world’s most unique features a bag has ever offered. Integrated retractable lock, built in rain cover, receipt and paper storage, and of course, Lifepack includes Solarbank.


  • Rechargable battery powered by SunCore’s proprietary technology
  • Charge your phone and tablet on the go with a convenient USB charger
  • Bluetooth speaker to listen to music wherever you are
  • Hidden pockets and plenty of storage


How it Works

Every Lifepack Comes with a Solarbank

Solarbank is a 3-in-1 Bluetooth Speakers, Solar Panel, and Powerbank!
Stores 6 charges for an iPhone 6, music playback for 96 hours, generates a full charge for a smartphone in less than 4 hours of solar.

Lifezone & Workzone

Keep your life & work separate with multiple compartments.  Ensure your laptop, phone, and other electronic devices are safe by storing them in the workzone, and keep your personal belongings secure and out of view in the lifezone.

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