Wind and SolarThis day and age is an exciting time in the solar power industry. The ability to harness energy from the sun is becoming more and more accessible to people all over the world, while the ways solar energy is captured are rapidly evolving as well. The sun’s energy is becoming a source for power on the go, and with the continued evolution of stationary solar cells, all signs point to it as the primary power source of the future.

It’s not without company though when it comes to renewable energy sources. To think that solar power will one day contribute 100 percent of electricity needs is something that, while intriguing, does not seem feasible. The main reason for that being there are other excellent sources of energy out there such as wind. Much like with solar power, there’s energy to be had in the wind, so why not grab it?

Solar energy sets itself apart though with the ability to be captured anywhere. The ability to easily grab the sun’s rays while eating on a patio or tanning at the beach and turn those rays into electricity on the go is what sets solar energy apart as an all-around game-changer.

The point is, where we are right now is an exciting time for renewable energy sources, and the excitement will undoubtedly continue to escalate in the coming years. Some projections have wind energy doubling in the next several years, and impressive rise in and of itself. Solar energy on the other hand, looks to triple over that same span of time. And with the rate that solar technology is improving, there’s plenty to indicate that rise could be even sharper.

As things stand, take a look at this story from that details the projected rise of renewables: