We’re Your Solar Charging Technology Partner

We collaborate with brands and businesses to give their products an edge with our solar charging technology.

Give Your Products a Boost with Solar Charging That Works

SunCore’s solar light charging technology can take your products to the next level, giving you a leg up on the competition, and your customers an incredible new experience; Solar that works!

Our technology will keep your products charging and powered up using light from direct sun as well as indirect sun and under a cloud cover.  This means more time for your customers to spend enjoying your amazing products, and less time having to plug in to a stationary wall outlet.

It Starts With Integrity

At SunCore, we’re committed to producing our own high-quality charging technology that outperforms the competition by 30-50%. 

The competitive solar products available today are sourcing wafers/panels from the exact same source. These grade B/C, less powerful, lower efficiency, manufacturer rejected wafers are being sold in unsorted BIN lots, and are not supported, nor recognized by the original manufacturer.

Why Not? Because they don’t meet the standards to be used in the manufacturers’ own panels – but they are good enough for yours, right? 

The companies that use these manufacturer-rejected panels are making false claims regarding the end panel’s performance, forcing the manufacturer to issue cease and desist notifications regarding using their name on these products to protect their own brand. 

You Want to Crush Current Standards, and We Want to Help You Do it

We believe in enhancing your products and taking them to the next level, providing them with the ability to charge virtually anywhere there’s light.

You want to put the best products out into the market to exceed expectations and current standards, and leave a lasting impression on your customers.  We want to help you do it.

We don’t take our role as a technology partner lightly.  As a company built from the ground-up, we understand the level of hard work and dedication it takes to not only build a business, but to make products we can stand behind, and know will make an impact on the world.

Interested in Partnering with Us?

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