Mobile chargingRecently an article by talked briefly about solar cells being better than batteries. It dealt more with how solar cells work, rather than an actual comparison, but it still got us thinking. With the ability to charge the internal batteries of most any gadget these days using energy from the sun and even ambient lighting, do those disposable batteries have much of a future in the world?

With cell phones, laptops, digital cameras, and plenty more operating on their own independent and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, alkaline-based batteries have been left behind in much of today’s technologies. That’s not to say they aren’t without their value in some areas, but that market doesn’t seem to be growing.

What we have now are the devices we use most coming with batteries that are easily recharged. And as if that wasn’t enough of a revolution, the ability to capture energy from light while on the go is adding another exciting development to how we power those gadgets. With the power of the sun on our side, so comes the ability to continually recharge those lithium-ion batteries throughout the day.

At SunCore, we aim to be leaders in this next step forward in the way we power our lives. By making the power of the sun available to all from anywhere it shines, we’re helping usher in a future brighter than the one where people constantly carried around bulky, spare alkaline batteries to power devices.

To sum it up, that same article by finished with this quote: “…the implications for solar energy as an alternative to traditional
battery storage solutions seems significant – to put it mildly.”