Smart Solar Street Light


By EnGoPlanet

Made from high quality components, EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Street Light will illuminates streets, parks, parking lots, corporate and university campuses and it will create appealing and modern visual environments that will not just promote renewable energy sources, but also lower your installation, energy and maintenance bills.

  • Using SunCore’s technology, the street light is powered by the most efficient solar cells currently on the market with the solar efficiency of up to 24%.
  • Latest LED technology with more than 160 lm/W that we use on our units provide bright lighting by using minimal amount of energy.
  • Connects to WiFi internet connection that allow Remote Control and Management via smart software from any computer and location.

Equipped with many optional features:

  • Smart Camera
  • Sensors for collecting various outdoor data such as temperature, air quality, and humidity
  • Charging station for mobile phones

How it Works

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