About Us

Founded in 2004. SunCore is a privately held, fabless semiconductor solar-based product company. We produce smart light-charging power systems for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) distributors and the U.S. Military. After years of development on the Company’s technology and products, and spurred on by steady growth, in 2016 the Company moved to a newer, Class A facility located in the heart of the technology-rich Tustin Market Center in Irvine, California.


Steven Brimmer

President and CEO

Mr. Brimmer has been a global adventurer, explorer and innovator for over 30 years. In business, Brimmer spent the first 27 years of his career in the entertainment industry, first in television, then music and finally in motion pictures. During those years he was distinguished as a leader in developing technical advances in film and sound, managing studio operations at Lion’s Gate Films, The Walt Disney Company, and Meridian Studios. His inclination for innovation combined with technical knowhow was the ideal platform, and motivated his jump into the new technology sector of business.

After “retiring” from the entertainment business in 1999 he quickly moved to running technology companies in San Francisco, San Jose and Orange County, including developing the world’s first wireless digital camera, which transmitted photos to your home computer from anywhere on the globe; software that allowed “stitching” of multiple digital still photos together, to form a single seamless image, and of course SunCore’s world first light-powered charging system for mobile handheld devices.

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In global exploration, Mr. Brimmer has led 7 alpine mountain expeditions around the globe, 5 to the Nepal Himalaya. In 1987 his expedition to Annapurna IV (24,688′) made the first American team ascent by a new route direct up the north face. A route that has not been repeated since.

The utilization of his business and technology experience permitted him to see the entire market opportunity for profitable start-up business ventures, making him even more effective in the rapidly expanding technology sector of mobility devices. This quality was cultivated in the first branch of his career, thus making the two seemingly distant experiences congeal. He was inducted into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and participated with 3M Corporation in winning an Academy Award for Technical Achievement in 1985 for developing a new 35mm recording film which enabled such sound formats as THX, Dolby 5.1 and others in use today. He was also a past member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences and The Explorer’s Club.

Mr. Brimmer also has over 15 years of experience in managing venture capital and private equity financed companies both in entertainment and technology.

Michael Swan

Vice President and Sales

Mr. Swan has been a leader in the Consumer Electronic industry for the last 10 years and is known for crafting strategic vision to achieve business objectives. Using his experience accumulated from serving in the U.S. Navy, working in management at a New York City advertising agency and as a sales leader in the consumer electronic industry, Michael has become known for his ability to quickly assess situations, determine what resources are needed and lead his teams to achieve and exceed both sales and business goals.

As a former United States Navy Rescue Swimmer (’93 – ‘98), he understands the importance of leading a team to work together in order to achieve the mission regardless of obstacles encountered.

While working in NYC on the account team at Avrett Free Ginsberg, reporting to the Vice President of account services he was responsible for running multiple major accounts simultaneously including Nestle Purina Pet-care, Van Cleef & Arpels and Wolverine boots/shoes. It was there that Mr. Swan discovered his passion and strength for new business development. Using his strategic planning instincts and ability to inspire creative solutions he grew business for both the agency and its clients.

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He returned to his home state of California to take his proven brand and sales building experience into the consumer electronic industry. As an early adopter of technology Mr. Swan was right at home in the CE industry. Working with Hewlett Packard, Belkin and VIZIO he was key in the launching of new consumer products every 18 weeks and was responsible for driving sales and market share growth above quota across multiple retail categories and accounts.

Mr. Swan brings to SunCore’s leadership team his vast experience of how CE products are developed, branded, positioned and sold. He holds a degree in Communication at Cal State University Fullerton with a focus on advertising.

Rich Obermeyer

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Obermeyer has over 35 years of experience in semiconductor design, ASIC development and implementation of new embedded circuit designs into working products, as well as a depth of experience in circuit innovation for which he holds a number of patents. He began his career as a Senior Principle Engineer at Mai Basic Four in Tustin, CA working on disk controllers, and then at Western Digital working on ASIC designs for Ethernet bus adaptors. He moved to Codenoll and Emulex as a Senior Principal Engineer, managing and designing ASIC’s for high-end file & print servers.

Following this, he joined Pacific Micro Data working as Vice President/ CTO, where he oversaw development of network and server attached storage systems including the first RAID enclosure with continuous array management utilizing Ethernet and the web. From there he moved on to Lantronix as Vice President of Engineering, spearheading engineering design operations for server and connectivity solutions. Then, as Senior Manager of ASIC Design for Atheros Communications, Mr. Obermeyer led a team of engineers responsible for all mixed signal GPS ASIC’s. These were among the smallest and lowest power GPS receivers in the world.

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His next venture was as Manager and Principle Engineer for Mophie where he was responsible for U.S.-based lithium battery powered consumer products.

In 2015, bringing all of his semiconductor and ASIC design expertise, patent knowledge and leadership skills, Mr. Obermeyer joined SunCore as Chief Technology Officer, developing new solar charging systems for customer products. As a key member of SunCore, he continues to utilize his expertise in further refining and developing our next generation of solar-based charging systems.

Mr. Obermeyer holds both a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from DeVry Institute of Technology in Phoenix, Arizona, and is the holder of eight U.S. patents.