We Turn Light Into Mobile Power

Our technology uses virtually any light source, from indoor artificial light to sunlight, to continuously charge your devices – from phones, to laptops, tablets and more.


SunCore’s technology captures both solar light and indoor incandescent light, and uses it to charge your devices.


The energy collected from these light sources is then used to charge your electronic devices.


Because our charging products use light to charge your device, there’s no need for wall plugs to keep a full charge!  Your phone, laptop, tablet and more can power up and stay charged around the clock.

Give Your Products a Boost with Solar Technology That Works

At SunCore, we engineer and manufacture our own high-quality charging technology that outperforms the competition by 30-50%.

We believe in enhancing your products and taking them to the next level, providing the ability to charge virtually anywhere there’s light.

SunCore’s solar charging technology can take your products to the next level, giving you a leg up on the competition, and your customers an incredible new experience; Solar that works!

Our technology will keep your products charging and powered up using light from direct sun as well as indirect sun and under a cloud cover. This means more time spent enjoying your favorite devices, and less time having to plug in to a stationary wall outlet.

See Our Technology in Action

Brinks Array Smart Door Lock

Winner of the 2017 National Association of Home Builders Best of IBS Award for Indoor Living Product.

  • Connects to Wifi
  • Use with your Apple or Android Device

GoWesty Ultra Compact Solar Panel Kit

Folding solar panel provides 110W of useable power to charge your VW camper van.  Just hook it up to your auxillary battery, unfold the panel and lay it out in the sunshine.  

The power of the sun will charge your auxiliary battery, which in turn powers your fridge, stereo, interior lights, laptop, DVD player… the possibilities are almost endless!

EcoXGear Sol Jam

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Powered by the sun so you can play music all day without having to recharge with EcoXgear’s Sol Jam Waterproof Speaker integrated with SunCore Solar™ panel technology.

  • Fully charged speaker runs for 15 continuous hours 
  • Floating, IP67-certified waterproof and it’s submersible 
  • USB port for recharging cameras, devices and phones 
  • Dual 5-watt speakers and down-firing subwoofer
  • Continues to self-charge even while charging your device

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